Deidre, and one of her Bundles of Joy!

Deidre, and one of her Bundles of Joy!

Every Birth Is Different...

My birth philosophy: I am dedicated to supporting birthing families by giving information without an agenda and options without opinions. I know having doula support can be invaluable in achieving an unmedicated delivery – and I also know there is no 'wrong way' to give birth!

To the right, you will find stories of a variety of situations – births for which I had the pleasure to be  each family's birth doula. Each is a testament to one constant in childbirth: a successful birth begins with being prepared for the unexpected. The barrage of information, emotions, and changing circumstances that occur on your birth-day can test your ability to make decisions in the moment. Many expecting couples appreciate the presence of an experienced and compassionate doula, who can provide a steady hand and a focused mind under all circumstances. This is the service I provide.

I have supported over 500 births (the counter keeps on ticking!) since the birth of my own daughter 24 years ago, and I've been blessed to practice doula work exclusively for the last twelve years.  I am an active member of Bay Area Birth Information (BABI) and Santa Cruz Birth Network. I am also a lactation counselor for Nursing Mother's Council, and a Mentor and Childbirth Educator with Birthing from Within. I am trained in the use of Hypno-Babies and Hypno-Birthing as well. I teach comprehensive Childbirth Prep classes synthesizing all these pain-coping methods, and Active Labor Workshops, at Harmony Mama in Campbell and in private homes.

 look forward to connecting with you, either over the phone or in-person, to see if we're a good fit. An in-person meeting is the best way to begin a relationship that often follows your family through your delivery and into the precious weeks of parenthood…and every baby after!