My goal is to empower every birthing mother with tools and support so that she can have the most positive, low-stress experience possible, however she defines it.

I'll work with your medical team and your partner to provide all the info necessary for you to make the best possible decisions in the moment- before, during and after birth. 

I'm very hands-on, and I'll be there for you and your partner in every way you need- physically, emotionally and logistically.

Prenatal Care:

  • 24/7 On-Call access in the weeks surrounding your Estimated Due Date
  • One in-home pre-natal appointment @36 weeks
  • Unlimited access via phone and email from the date of hire
  • Compose a written Birth Plan
  • Discuss your pain medication preferences / concerns
  • Tips for packing your birth bag
  • Practice relaxation techniques, physical comfort measures for labor
  • Define your needs, concerns and priorities for your newborn
  • Check-in after every medical appt after 34 weeks

At our in-home prenatal appointment, we will spend some time getting to know each another, so i can learn how best to support you and your chosen birth team. We will discuss your pain medication preferences / concerns, and your hopes and intentions for your birth. I have a very detailed set of intake questions for you to assess your preferences,  which can become a written Birth Plan / Intention. We will work through some personalised calming and focusing techniques to help you cope through active labor and birth, and discuss your preferences for perinatal care in the hospital.

Labor and Birth Support:

  • 24/7  phone contact in early labor: If you have 4 ctx an hour or if you think your water breaks- call me!
  • Suggestions and reminders for early-labor coping  before I arrive
  • Hand's-on support at your home at active labor
  • Work with you, your partner and your medical practitioner to decide the best time to leave for the hospital
  • Encourage, inform and reassure you as medical choices and necessities are presented
  • Support you at the hospital until the baby is born through baby's first feeding and their Golden Hour
  • Capture your special day with photography

After labor begins, we begin prompt text and phone contact. I'll offer specific suggestions to cope with early labor. Many women find that early labor is a lovely time to connect with their partner at home, and many couples cuddle, eat, distract and dance their way through it! We will stay in touch, and I will come support you at home as soon as active labor begins.

While laboring together, I'll provide a wide variety of hands -on comfort measures including massage, counter pressure, aromatherapy, and TENS as needed. I'll guide position changes and offer informed support for you and your birth partner every step of the way. I can help you decide when to leave for the hospital, and support you there through the birth and baby's first feeding.  

Post-Partum Assistance:

I'll visit you at home 3-5 days after birth (@ when your milk comes in) for in-home lactation assistance, and to bring you your birth photos.

  • Support the parent's intentions concerning newborn care
  • Techniques, tips and guidance for baby's first feeding, cord care and newborn needs
  • Additional Post-Partum care is available for an hourly fee

Cost of Quality Doula Care:

My doula fee for comprehensive team doula care is $1800, with 10% discount for any family under primary midwifery care at time of hire

Choosing a support person for your birth is a very personal matter. I do encourage you to get in touch so we can discuss your individual needs and desires for birth doula support, or birth, belly and family photography, or postpartum care. I only take one (or at the max, two) birth clients a month, so I can really focus on YOU. Please do get in touch, I'd love the opportunity to support you during your birth!

Belly & Baby Portraits & Birth Photography:

I provide professional-quality portraits to show your beautiful pregnant form, and of your new family after birth. I can take incredible portraits in many outdoor locations, your home or anywhere you like. We can make images that really reflect your style and capture precious moments with you and your partner before, during and after birth. Birth Photography is included in my doula services, if you wish. Families treasure these photographs of their child's birth and first golden hours, and many moms tell me they never even noticed the camera in the moment!

My Belly and Baby portraits are an additional $300, for an hour+ of photos in the location of your choice, and you receive professionally edited digital images, ready to enlarge, print and post within a week. See my Gallery! 

Thank you for all your help with Kyle’s birth. Your understanding, calming spirit and cheerful smile helped me through the tough spots... especially while we were making the decision to have Kyle by Cesarian after all the twists and turns our labor took. Every time Kyle smiles at me I think of how you helped to bring him to this point. I wish you the best!
We just wanted to thank you for being with us during Gabriel’s birth. We know it was a long one and we appreciate you adjusing your schedule to be with us over several days. We also appreciate your advice and support with all the complications we had to face, and for reassuring us with the decisions we had to make... and thanks again for the beautiful photos!
Dear Deidre,
We cannot thank you enough for all your help during Amayana’s birth. My birth at home would not have been possible without your expertise and compassion. We will never forget everything you did for our new family. I am so glad we had you to take photos as well during our labor and delivery. I like looking at reminds me of what a huge accomplishment that was. We are truly blessed!
Dear Deidre,
Thank you so much for all of your hard work, love and support during 48 hours of labor. Your presence helped tremendously. Nathan is such a love – we are so happy to finally have him with us! We cannot thank you enough for being such an integral part of our birth. You made it a joyous celebration instead of a scary rite of passage.